Chapterrules (01 JAN 2014)

10X - NEW WATERKANT CHAPTER - points and contacts chapter 

Basic Requirement: Work 2 Founders/WC or work 5 members  
Application: Call, 10X-#, name, QTH, wkd stations, proof of paid dues  via email or mail to the CM (address at the bottom)
Fee: Number only and upgrades: email free, 
mail EU: SASE or SAE + 1 IRC, DX: US $ 2.
If you want a WATERKANT certificate (same as the old one) incl. info, pse send to the CM
EU: EURO 2,50 or US $ 3; DX: US $ 5. 
The german postage is extremly high, sri.  
Start points: all new members +10 pts
  Clubstations get the same points as the Op, 
but seal-numbers will be much higher to give everyone a chance to get low seal-numbers.  
"On air" points: Collect on air points of other NEW WATERKANT members you work:
0 - 2000 collected pts: divided by 100
2001 - 220000 collected pts: divided by 300
more collected pts: divided by 500  

  + 1 pt
  + 1 pt
  + 1 pt
Seals: work different members:   50 ctx - Hamburg (HH)
                                    100 ctx - Kiel        (KI)
                                    150 ctx - Bremen  (HB)
                                    200 ctx - Rostock (RO)
 more .... steps of 50 ctx: FL, ST, WV, EM, SL, WI,
                                     BM, HL, GW, BV  and CX
  + 5 pts
  + 5 pts
  + 5 pts
  + 5 pts

  + 5 pts
  K-seals: HK, 1K, 3K, 5K, 10K, 20K        each    + 5 pts
  WAS    (work one NWK-member in each US-State, mobile ctx allowed (=/m), up to 3 wildcards/WC in the basic number, date of ctx required !! EACH CALL ONLY ONCE)   +25 pts
  WACA    (work five members in each US call area, no mobile ctx, no wildcards, date of ctx required !!   EACH CALL ONLY ONCE)   + 5 pts
  CON-x (10-10 Convention seal, you can get a new number/seal at each Convention, e.g. CON-A, CON-B, ...up to CON-E)
- MNS(year) - e.g. MNS14 - given out once a year per call during meetings with an official NWK 10-10 net ( = meeting net seal )
   ("WW" worksheet finished, which starts after having worked 125 different members)
VIS  (visit the CH or CM at his QTH).
  + 5 pts

  +15 pts

  +25 pts

  +25 pts
  Collect different (also older) seals                  per 25 seals
(eg. HH7, HH15, KI8, WACA1, HB3, HR4, VIS1, LMS4, CON-B22, ...)
  + 5 pts
HAVE A LOOK !! There will be out one HOBGOBLIN per month, claim the contact within three months in order to get credit:
  + 5 pts
paid up dues: if ok at the beginning of the year (of course also for life-members), not retroactive and ONLY after upgrades!   + 5 pts

Net.......................................: Friday 1400 UTC (check in starts abt 1330 UTC) on 28.355 MHz (+/- QRM), 
netcontrol..................: DK0WKC
check in and give out your info..: + 5 pts

CM: Wolfgang Dethlefs, DK7LA, Knuell 4, 24863 Boerm, Germany      email: dk7la -at -