W e l c o m e  to   N E W   W a t e r k a n t

N o r t h   G e r m a n y

The former WATERKANT-group was founded by Horst DF9LB (+), Bernd DH0LAI (+), Anja DJ3ADK, DSW-Clubstation DK0DSW, OV-Clubstation M28 DK0SL, Wolfgang DK7LA (CM), J÷rg DK8LC and Manfred DL8LAC (CH) on January 16th, 1999 in Kropp, a small village with about 6000 inhabitants, situated 40 km south of the danish border between North- and Baltic Sea. Sorry, but some of the "Founders" are rare stations yet or already sk.
Some time we worked as an informal chapter, but soon - perhaps because of the activity of our members - we were affiliated and were a "real" chapter, the 10X-Waterkant Chapter.
By the way, "Waterkant" is a typical word for our north german coast regions.

We were and we are a point- and contact-chapter and we have a certificate without any seals, you can have a look at it on another site.  You can work points and you may receive seals for your efforts. The main seals are names of cities, situated in our region, like Hamburg and Kiel. We also have stations which give you some extra points every month...when you catch and work them on 10 m.

The former Waterkant Chapter had more than 350 members in 23 countries, only two years after we had started. Because of several circumstances we had to go qrt in January 2002, shortly after our second Foundation Day.

But we started again (have a look in the archive) ! We hope you like our new program and you have nice QSOs with other members of the NEW WATERKANT CHAPTER in several parts of the world. We look forward to meet you on 10m, soon and again .... perhaps also in our FRIDAY-New Waterkant-net!